Haisa Blue

Haisa Blue Collection from Turkey are rich in shades of blues and greys with highlights of creams. The collection showcases heaps of designs. This popular choice of most designers, builders and homeowners is widely accepted and used in hotels, airport and many other commercial and residential spaces.   

Wallandtile.com offers few exclusive designs shipped from one of our 18+ locations.  From the pallet comes with tiles, mosaics and chair rails, pencils to spice up your finishing touch.

 Wallandtile.com delivers the most extravagant array of Haisa Blue Collection to homeowners and home designers across United States. We promise to cater the lowest prices on Haisa Blue Collection. We promise to beat any reputable tile shop in price including home delivery. We are a tile shop with 18+ locations across the United States for your convenience. With our shipping times and logistic network you can get your floors conveniently and in no time. Wallandtile.com offers a mammoth selection. from over 35 countries, of handpicked and most in-demand tiles.

Please call us on 707-992-5845 or send us email on info@wallandtile.com for your next project. We guarantee to beat any "reputable" Tile shop. Our motto "Buy-it, Build-it, Love it"

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