Wallandtile.com  is a leading nationwide importer & distributor of flooring, wall tile and hardscaping products.Wallandtile.com  maintains 19 distribution centers across the United States and Canada. Our product line includes an extensive offering of natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass and stainless steel mosaics imported from 36 countries on six continents. We import over 12000 containers per year and manage  an inventory of over 2 million square feet, including hundreds of thousands of pallets of natural stone tiles and mosaic. In addition, we have purchasing offices in India, China, Brazil, and Turkey enabling us to have our own quality check at factory level.

Wallandtile.com's strategy is to work with our customers to enhance the homes and projects of consumers in North America by providing a wide selection of products that are innovative, affordable, and accessible from a single supplier. Wallandtile.com offers the most competitively priced products with the widest selection and most rapid delivery times available. Our selections include over 5,000 SKUs including natural stone (granite, marble, travertine, slate, limestone, quartzite and sandstone), porcelain, ceramic, glass and stainless steel mosaics. We accurately forecasts customer demand and manage inventory levels to ensure that all required products and services needs are provided efficiently and on time.

Our integrated information system connects you with the most accurate real time inventory status, availability and pricing information along with in transit sizes, pictures, materials, etc.. Wallandtile.com offers an ongoing series of product knowledge to our staff enabling them to be on top of the industry levels.

Why Wallandtile.com ?

  • We believe in anticipating and solving our customers’ problems before they occur, and we do everything possible to achieve this positive outcome.
  • Because of our Professional Reputation
  • We  and our associates are recognized worldwide as one of the most highly regarded and professional companies in natural stone.
  • Because we have premium  quality at factory-direct prices..
  • Because we ship just-in-time at your door-step. The fastest shipping time.
  • Because we understand natural stone variation and can ship you samples from the same pallet for you to decide.