Beautiful, comfortable, and modular bathrooms have become a status symbol these days. Bathroom design is the most brainstormed thing on the mind of homeowners. No matter if it is a fresh development or a remodeling project – people nowadays seem to be very concerned about the look of their bathroom.

If you are up for a new bathroom project or just planning a makeover for your existing bathroom, you can consider WallAndTile’s beautiful Whisper White 3 X 6 Glazed Handcrafted Subway Tiles.

Whisper White 3 X 6 Glazed Handcrafted Subway

Whisper White is a handcrafted subway tile that has been designed to adorn walls and other vertical features in your bathroom. Though, its application is not limited to bathroom only. You can use it for many indoor wall projects.

Featuring sophisticated whites, this classic subway tile comes with intricate glazing on top, which renders an unmatchable shine in your space. Because of this very feature, you can minimize the use of light which will help you save on power bills.

Every piece of tile is carefully and masterfully handcrafted, and you can feel in your installation.

Design Inspirations – Whisper White Handcrafted Subway Tile

There are many ways you can use these tiles in your bathroom. Such as –

White subway tiles with dark or black grout for bathroom wall! Cover the backsplash and mirror surround too. Use dark shade frames and borders – as shown in the picture above.

For shower surround too, these white handcrafted subway tile makes a great choice. Combine them with dark shade hexagon pattern tiles to enhance the classic appeal of your bathroom.

Get Whisper White 3 X 6 Glazed Handcrafted Subway Tile for your project now! Need something else? Browse through’s entire collection of subway tiles here. Place your order today to get fast, nationwide doorstep delivery!