Every hotel owner wants to offer comfortable and luxury environment to their guests when they come for stay. And for this, they must build their hotel’s structure with best quality materials, so their space not only is structurally-sound but also has a high-end aesthetic appeal.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles –


Luxury Vinyl Tiles are different from the vinyl tiles or sheets of previous generation. They are thicker and have more realistic prints to give your hotel room an inviting feel.

The best part of selecting luxury vinyl tiles is, they are super easy to install and clean. They do not catch stains easily. There is a strong, clear finish applied on LVT surfaces, which does not allow stains to become a permanent stain.

You can get these tiles in real-like wood and stone looks, and in solid colors too. So, you have a wide range of design opportunities.

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

Wood is a highly desirable material for building floors and walls in indoor and outdoor environments. Wood look floor tiles when installed correctly look exactly like real wood flooring. And there is more to it.

These porcelain tiles are designed be water-resistant, stain-resistant, rust-resistant, fire resistant, and slip resistant. They are simple to clean and maintain.

So, if you install them correctly, and set up under-floor heating system, place carpets, and rugs, and ensure proper ventilation and cooling, your hotel room will be no less than a wonderful paradise.

You could also consider using printed porcelain tiles to add texture or natural stone tiles to bring nature inside your hotel room!