We have been using stones for stones for building our home for centuries. Even the history of humans has an era called – Stone Age – the time when we used stones in various forms to protect ourselves against extinction.

Stone tiles have blessed our homes and public infrastructure for quite a long time. They are sourced from rocks and mountains in blocks, which are cut and processed in to stone tiles and given surface treatment for enhanced performance as a dependable building construction material.

The biggest advantage of stone tiles is – every tile is unique and natural. They are naturally beautiful and durable.

And the biggest concern associated with stones is that, they are porous and delicate. Because of pores, stone tiles easily catch stains and the staining often is permanent until they are buffed and refinished. As they are quite delicate, chipping, cracking, and scratches are common with natural stone floors.

Stone Look Tiles –

Stone look tiles imitate the look of different types of stones. Stone look tiles are available in two materials – porcelain or ceramic and vinyl. But let’s keep our focus on stone look porcelain tiles.

Porcelain is a popular building construction material made from clay. Some other admixtures are added to increase the strength and durability of the tile.

Stone look porcelain tiles have become a popular substitute for natural stone tiles due to a number of reasons. These reasons make these tiles quite special –

Non Porous Surface –

There are no pores on the surface of porcelain tiles. This simply means, there are no chances of staining. Even if there are stains, they haven’t reached deep inside the tile; they are just on the surface and you can remove them with a commercial-grade porcelain stain treatment solution.

Surface Finish –

There is also a resilient coating on the tile surface, which protects the color, shade and texture of tile from scratching and other potential damages.

The Look –

In addition to zero porosity and surface finish, the look of stone look tiles can never go unmentioned. These tiles look exactly like natural stone tiles. When installed property, you cannot differentiate between stone tiles and stone look tiles.

Moreover, there is no match for porcelain tile’s strength and durability. Plus, they are heat resistant, fire resistant, and water resistant material – which makes them suitable for just any area of your home.

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