Vulkon Antracite is a new addition to our porcelain and porcelain paver collection. The tile features deep charcoal hues that give your indoor space an instant character.

This porcelain tile is so strong that it also makes it ideal for outdoor flooring and pavements. With their matte finish, they blend well in any setting – indoor or outdoor.

The Size –

Vulkon Antracite Porcelain Paver Tiles are available in 24 inches X 24 inches. This large-size tile allows you to build beautiful floors, patios, pool decks, and walkways in residential and commercial settings.

The Advantages –

Since it is porcelain, the tile delivers all the benefits that any premium porcelain tile does. Such as –

Water Resistant – This unapologetically elegant tile has low absorption rate due to its non-porous surface. That’s what makes it water-resistant and suitable for bathroom, outdoor, landscapes, pavements and pool side.

In addition to that, these tiles are moisture resistant and they provide a superior protection to your building from water and moisture problems.

Heat and Fire Resistant – The tiles are made from clay, meaning they are heat and fire resistant. That also means, that you can use them in your kitchen as flooring, counter, and wall without concerns of fire hazards.

The Cost – The cost of this tile sums up around $6.95 per sq.ft. However, if you buy more than 640 sq.ft., the cost per sq. ft will be $6.00.

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