Vinyl tiles are truly awesome. They are so versatile that can be used in almost any indoor application. The modern printing technology behind the development of these tiles blesses your home with a classic interior design.

You can add luxury wood-like texture on your living room flooring, without letting anyone know that it is not real wood. That’s why these tiles are called luxury vinyl tiles.

In this blog, we have listed 3 awe-inspiring luxury vinyl tiles that you can use to enhance your living room design. Check out the following –

KATAVIA Reclaimed Oak LVT

This luxury vinyl tile is designed to have authentic oak texture. Featuring a neutral brown background with darker knots and graining, KATAVIA Reclaimed Oak 6x48 LVT Vinyl tiles are supremely durable and gorgeous. With their glue down backing, these vinyl tiles pronounce a great deal of convenience during installation.

You can use it for your living room, as well as for the flooring of adjoining rooms and spaces to create continuity in your indoor environment – just like in the picture above.

PRESCOTT Weathered Katella Ash LVT

With its classy grey tones, realistic knots, and graining and slight saw marks – this luxury vinyl tile is a valuable add on for your living room design. The authentic hand-hewn appearance of PRESCOTT Weathered Katella Ash 7x48 LVT Vinyl Tiles is scratch, stain, and dent resistant. What’s more, it comes with a lifetime residential warranty.

You can create an outstanding appeal in your living space with this tile. See the image above.

WILMONT Charcoal Oak 7x48 LVT

This luxury vinyl tile renders a cool backdrop of gray, accented by subtle graining and knots. This low-maintenance wood-look tile is a perfect choice for those who are not ready to sacrifice with just any design. The high appeal charcoal texture of this WILMONT Charcoal Oak 7x48 LVT Vinyl Tileis super strong and durable and never fades away with wash and everyday use.

You can use this tile for your living area as well as for your adjoining bedroom.

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