Not everyone is happy with the way their home/room looks and feels. For many, their home’s interior design is not upright. And for others, they think their space is too occupied.

If you think your space is too occupied and because of that, your home appears smaller, you might want to change the color and theme of your home to all white. You can use’s trendy white tiles to deck up your walls and floors, and ceiling too, to make your space feel bigger.

Here are some of the most popular trendy white tiles from –

White 3x6 Subway Glossy Ceramic

This classic white subway ceramic tile features a durable glossy finish that promised to fill light in your space. Typically, a wall material, these white ceramic tiles can be used on any vertical application, such as walls, accent walls, and backsplashes.

Classique White Calacatta Glossy 4x16 Bullnose

This Calacatta Gold-look ceramic tile comes with bullnosed and glossy finish to help you finish your project quick and easy. Due to its size – 4 inches x 16 inches – it also makes a smart choice for indoor walls. You can use this tile to make your walls appear wider.

Retro Bianco Glossy Herringbone Mosaic

This white ceramic herringbone pattern mosaic tile features a glossy finish that makes your space shine and bright. Available in 12.75" x 12.88" size, the tile allows DIYers to achieve the perfectly aligned herringbone laying pattern without a single flaw.

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