Herringbone tiling is a tile laying pattern, in which tiles are placed in way that the tiled pattern resembles the skeleton of herring fish. It provides an ordinary room with an extraordinary finishing. However, laying tiles in this pattern is an uphill battle, especially for DIY installers.

Herringbone Mosaic Tiles –

Herringbone mosaic tiles are a setting of different materials such as marble, travertine, porcelain, steel, etc. Sometimes, there is an amalgamation of same material but in varying colors and shades.

The stripes of materials are assembled in the pattern of the skeleton of herringbone fish. Herringbone mosaic tiles are available in all standard shapes and sizes to suit your tile layout requirement.

With these tiles, you do not have to work hard on sewing tiles in herringbone tiles. These tiles are preassembled; you just have to place or install them, the way you install tiles of other materials.

Tips for Herringbone Mosaic Tile Installation

#1. Consider the Material –

Choose tile adhesive according to your tile material. Using an unsuitable adhesive will result in tiles losing their grip and getting damaged eventually.

#2. Find and Go with a Suitable Color –

Work on finding the best suitable for your room, before placing your order. Additionally, make sure the product you are buying is 10% more than your actual requirement.

#3.Read the Instructions, Tiling Ideas Beforehand –

 Doing so will enable you to stick your layout while placing the tiles. Keep a copy of it with you so you can refer to it whenever needed.

#4. Get the Right Tool –

It is important because you would never want to damage the tiles or injure yourself up because of using wrong or no tools. In addition to that, wear safety gear such as gloves and goggles to avoid injuries.

#5. Use Tile Spacers –

Tile spacers allow you to maintain even space between two adjoining tiles throughout the tiled layout. Even professional installers use this tool to achieve quality in their installation.

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