Due to the water-resistant property of the stainless steel, tiles made out of stainless steels are generally applicable in kitchen and washrooms. But there would be cases where you would find spots of backsplashes. Though won’t damage the tile, they would look very ugly.

Here are three tips for taking care of your steel tile.

  1. Always use soft towels or cloths, sponge or scouring pads for cleaning purposes. By using these clothes, you would not be damaging the shining appearance of stainless steel tiles. Avoid using wire brushes, scrapers or any material that would scratch its surface.
  2. While cleaning, follow the grind lines for wiping them in one direction. It would be best if you could wipe the tile parallel to the lines of the grain. By following this step, the risk of scratching the surface of the tile, while scrubbing, would be reduced.
  3. For cleaning the backsplashes or stain, it would be best to use the proper cleaning chemicals. You could also make a solution of baking soda and warm water for removing stains from the surface of the steel. 

These are some of the few steps for proper maintenance of your stainless steel tiles. Therefore, if you are going to your kitchen or bathroom, make sure you keep these pointers in your mind.

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