Space Grey is a beautiful tile from our glass subway mosaic tile collection. The tile features gray glass assembled in brick like patterns.

This hand painted azure denim space grey glass tile provides your space with a contemporary shine and a contrasting beauty. Our Space Grey Linen Look glass tile is impervious and could be a suitable choice for any indoor wall.

Here are some of the coolest advantages of our Space Grey Linen Glass Tiles –

Shine and Reflect –

This impervious glass tile can fill your space with an awesome shine and reflect. If you are kitchen or bathroom does not have adequate exposure to natural light, this is the wall material to go with.

Stain Resistance –

Glass is a densely built material, and because of that, there are no open pores on the tile surface. You can use it in your kitchen or bathroom without worrying about splash of water, soap, oils, and colorful foods. The spills and stains on these tiles can be cleaned easily.

How To Use –

Here’s how you can use our Space Grey Linen Glass Tile in your kitchen and bathroom designs –

You can build your bathroom wall and backsplash and combine it with white sink and dark cabinets for a neat and clean look, as above.

This is another way to create a less busy wall in bathroom with our Space Gray Linen Glass Tile.

You can also use this tile in your kitchen as shown in the picture above.

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