Luckily, people in the southern hemisphere do not need to battle it out with the cold all year long. Good weather lasts for a major part of the year and even the winter is quite manageable. Outdoor activities are quite possible almost all the time. Besides, most people are falling in love with the outdoor life, all healthy, all natural. No need to go to expensive resorts either!

That outdoor lifestyle would require a sheltered nook like a gazebo as a base. At the patio or by the pool, wooden furniture perhaps. Plants decorate surroundings prettily and rocks, too.

If entertaining, cooking and hosting are planned, install a cooking corner! Dining facilities for a few may be possible. The cozy thought is great. Make it a fun and happening place for intimacies.

The scene could get danger-filled without adequate lighting. Choose an appropriate lighting system as bright as possible. Let the scene twinkle like the stars for the glorious late evening get together. Get creative with DIY. Stick to the plan and budget. Candle lighting in order to save on budgets.

An outdoor firepit is a great draw and rather common nowadays. Sit around the fire and tell those sweet stories. A stone surrounding would be perfect for the fire. So much to be done in the backyard. Get started with pen and paper for sketching and calculating.