Marble floors are delicate yet durable. However, their durability suffer largely due to no or poor maintenance. The shine of marble floor also fades away due to these reasons. Sometimes, use of harmful chemicals for cleaning marble floors can damage the upper surface and beauty of this natural stone.

That why it is paramount to clean your marble floors, and most importantly, using a “suitable for marble” solution and following the right cleaning method.


Peroxide is a chemical solution that is used for removing ink stains from marble surface. Some people might be allergic to it. It can also be harmful if you would overuse it for cleaning marble floor.

If you are using peroxide to clean your marble stone, this blog will offer you some of the best practices.

How To Clean Marble Floor With Peroxide

  • Use small amount of peroxide. You can use a syringe to pour peroxide over stains.
  • Do not let it be on the surface for long. If you are trying to remove ink stain from the floor, pour a few drops on the floor, let the chemical be there for 10 minutes. You will see the ink diluting.
  • Once the stain has diluted, absorb the chemical with a soft cloth piece or rug.
  • Now wipe the floor with a soft sponge.

There you have it. That’s how you remove ink stains from your marble floor. If you know another or more effective method to remove ink stains, let us and everybody know by posting it in the comment section. offers you best quality marble stone tiles that have been tested for quality and to live up to expectations with durability. Check out the entire line here.