Planning to renovate your home with something that truly innovative and eye-catching?

Well, why don’t you choose Honed natural stone tiles for your home décor?

Honed stone tiles are perfect for most places within your house. To beautifully capture the striking finish of honed natural stone tiles, one side of the raw stone needs to be ground.

Why honed natural stone tiles?

Mainly bathroom floors and walls, pool areas, kitchen walls, living room floors, and showers are the best places to install honed natural stone tiles. They are accessible both in filled and unfilled models.


The main advantage of honed natural stone tile is its durability and scratch resistanttexture. You can easily place and drag heavy materials on the tiles. Generally honed natural stone tiles seem more fitting for the living room due to their higher durability.


However, the advantages are not the only aspects of honed natural stone tiles. It has its own drawbacks as well. The finish of the honed stone tiles makes the tiles more prone to pores. This leads to more soaking up of liquids. Other than the porous structure, the bit higher price range can be considered as another disadvantage.

The smooth texture of honed stone tiles gives them a unique look. You can choose satin sheen finish or dull matte, for a gorgeous makeover. The silky smooth texture of the surface provides the floors and walls of your bathroom, living room and kitchen with a contemporary look.


Now that you know the advantages and disavantages, check out our range of honed natural stone tiles. Remember, all tiles we trade come with guarantee of originality and quality. You can connect with us at, if there is anything.