Forest Cherry is a new addition to our expansive wood look tile collection. To be specific, it is a porcelain tile, that replicates carefully blended rich patterns of real wood. Its tonal veins and knots look brilliant and no different from real wood.

When installed correctly, these 8 inches X 48 inches (plank size) tiles give your study room the much desired warm and rustic wooden design and feel. If you are looking to build study room in your home or planning a remodel, our Forest Cherry 8 X 48 Wood Look Porcelain Tiles could a great material for creating floors.

Here are some of top reasons to include in your study room design –

No Odor from Floor –

 Floors with tiny pores on their surface often have an odor that you never really go. Wood look porcelain tiles have no pores at all. Meaning, there are no or fewer chances of odor caused of moisture trapped in pores of the floor.

Durable –

Forest Cherry Porcelain Tiles are strong and durable. They do not fade their color and lose their strength due to moisture for decades. Why? Because, they are water resistant.

Not Wood –

Despite being the most popular floor material, real wood planks demand your attention at several tiles. If you fail to ensure care, cleaning, and maintenance, all you will have will be dull and damaged wooden flooring.

But that’s not the case with our Forest Cherry Wood Look Porcelain Tiles. They are literally maintenance free. You just have to make sure there is no dust and dirt on the floor. Additionally, you will need to mop the floor with fresh water routinely. And that will be enough for maintaining the look and shine of your floor.

The tile makes a perfect comfortable, inviting, and warm environment for study room.

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