The demand for printed tiles is surging with every industry data revealed. The inclination of people has gradually moved from expensive natural stones to printed and textured tiles – that, technically, are ceramic or porcelain tiles.

If you are a fan of ceramic or porcelain, chances are you are already in love with printed tiles. However, if the material is uncommon for you, this blog enunciates some of the most convincing reasons that encourage homeowners and interior designers to use printed tiles. Check out the following pointers –

#1. Awesome Prints

Porcelain tiles can be designed the way the manufacturer wants. The prints and textures are given to the tiles during the manufacturing process making use of the latest computer-generated ceramic printing technology.

There is no boundary when it comes to applying prints on printed tiles. The manufacturer can choose whichever color or pattern to print their printed tiles. And that’s what allows you to choose the print that convinces you most and that, you think, will enhance the draw of your walls and floors, and overall indoor ambiance.

#2. Long-staying Material

As said, printed tiles are ceramic/porcelain. That means, you can be sure that printed tiles are strong and durable like any other ceramic or porcelain tile.

Though you will need to make sure that the product you are buying for your project is of high-quality. Also ascertain that the manufacturer, brand, or supplier of tile is trustworthy. Doing these checks beforehand will help you save making wrong investment.

#3. Affordable

Printed tiles are highly affordable tiles as compared to other variety of tiles such as natural stone, glass, metal, etc.

Additionally, printed porcelain tiles do not ask for frequent care and maintenance. However, you will need to check for and replace loose grout whenever needed to prolong the performance of your printed tiles.

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