Subway tiles are a great material choice for walls, specifically in kitchen and bathroom, and corridors. Designer subway tiles are popularly used to create accent walls and sometimes to clap together stunning-looking floors.

Glossy subway tiles or the subway tiles with glossy finish are not just known for their magnificent shine. They also lay out stain resistant surfaces. The gloss serves another purpose. It protects the tile from scratches, however, to certain level.

But, it does not keep the tile safe from scratches caused by extended presence of dust grains on the floor. Scratches don’t look good on glossy surfaces. They look differently attractive.

So how do you prevent glossy subway tiles from scratches?

Here, in the following, we explain some of the best practices to keep your glossy subway tiles from scratches –

  • Remove dust from tiled floor or wall. Make it an everyday routine. Prolonged presence of dust can cause stains and scratches on glossy surface.
  • Wipe the surface with wet sponge and then dry towel after dust removal.
  • Thoroughly wash, rinse and dry your glossy tile application routinely.
  • Do not pull or drag furniture on tiles with gloss finish. It can heavily scratch the floor and also cause discoloration.
  • Remove rugs and doormats. Clean them occasionally to rid of the dust.

For stain and scratch removal, fill a bucket with warm water and pour in some clear vinegar. Clean the floor with this homemade solution. This solution does not damage the gloss, but makes the rigid dirt lose its grip. Rinse and dry the floor, before using it again.

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