Palisandro is a stunning marble featuring espresso and chocolate streaks across a creamy white background. According to interior design experts, its unique, inimitable linear pattern potentiates indoor ambiance like no other natural stone does.

Using our Palisando Marble stone, you can create fabulous looking floors, walls, and accents in residential and commercial buildings. It can be used for kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace as well.

Here are a few design inspirations, you can follow in your project –

Palisandro Mini Versailles Honed Marble –

Palisandro Mini Versailles Honed Marble is labeled ideal for indoor projects in living room, kitchen, and bathroom. But, you can use this stone tile for other wall and floor projects as well.

Palisandro Mini Brick Polished –

Palisandro Mini Brick Polished Marble stone tile is best for backsplash projects. With this stone tile, you can also create walls and accents in other areas of your home. The stone tile will also look cool on entryway wall.

Palisandro 12x24 Honed Marble –

Honed Palisandro Marble Stone tile makes an ideal choice for bathroom flooring, as it is not as smooth as polished stone. But, you can tile your entire bathroom using this stone, as shown in the picture above.

Apart from bathroom, it can be used for flooring in other areas of your home.a

Want something more unique? Change the tiling pattern or maybe, you can use designer inserts to add an interest to your tiling pattern.

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