The types of metals used in metal mosaic tiles are rock-solid. The pieces of metal add to the strength of the tiles as well as the walls on which the tiles are installed.

Metal mosaic tiles are an artistic blend of metal and other materials such as stone, glass, and wood – offering outstanding interior design opportunities. These tiles make a perfect choice for walls, backsplashes, accents, etc. Thanks to the extensive designing process behind!


Metal mosaic tiles are among the strongest materials for walls. They are a strategically designed blend of pieces of different metals, alloys, stones, glass, wood, and ceramic. All these materials are known for the rigor of their own.

With assorted metals – such as copper, iron, steel, aluminium, etc. and other material(s) in each piece, the surfaces created using these tiles deliver unparalleled endurance that no tile material offers.

In addition to metal blend, these tiles come with a variety of finishes that enhance the durability the surface, giving you max value for your investment.


As said earlier, each metal mosaic tile is an artistic blend that uplifts the draw of your indoor applications. The surface tiled with metal mosaic tiles looks like a giant collage on your wall. It adds interest to the pattern and gives your room an attractive feature.

These tiles add a sense of uniqueness on your walls with their assorted colors, shades and textures. Metal mosaic tiles are available in all standard sizes and shapes.

These tiles are very easy to install. Metal mosaic tiles are assembled on the meshed back sheet and that’s why you do not have to assemble every material on the tile by yourself. You just have to place the tiles as per your layout plan.

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