Metal is synonyms with robustness and permanence. Metal mosaic tiles fill that robustness and lastingness to your home structures, when you use them for creating walls in your home and backsplash in your kitchen and bathroom.

This blog lists down some of the most popular metal mosaic tiles available at, one of the largest tile shops in US –

Lorena Grigio Glass Stone Metal Interlocking Mosaic

This Glass-Stone-Metal Mosaic tile fits perfectly well into your existing kitchen design – due to its neutral colorways of grays, blacks and whites. The finishing of this metal mosaic tile gives your kitchen and bathroom a timeless luxury.

Crystal Cove Metallic Blend

This glass metal blend tile fills lovely grays, whites, blacks, and violets on your bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. You can also use this tile to cover an entire wall in your bathroom or kitchen. Alternatively, you can develop an accent wall in your living or any other room using this tile.

White Fusion 12x12 Interlocking Mosaic

White Fusion mosaic interlocking tile sports a shiny white texture with its brilliant blending of Arabescato Carrara marble stone and Stainless Steel. This classis white tile can be used for wall projects in residential setting, including your kitchen backsplash and wall.

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