Bathroom designing and remodeling require your careful attention. You have to use the right mix of materials in front and at back – to ensure that your bathroom looks beautiful and is strong enough to withstand the use, abuse, and traffic it receives on a day-to-day basis.

When it comes to creating and remodeling bathroom, stones and tiles are always the first consideration of homeowners. This is the most versatile solution you can have in your bathroom.

However, many a people skip stones and tiles, and choose to have plastered walls and backsplashes for their bathroom. For them, concrete or cement-based is cheap, best and strong enough to fit into their needs.

There are many popular options you can go with, if you are consider for your bathroom project –

Stones/Tile –

Porcelain/ceramic, glass, glass mosaic, metal mosaic, travertine stone, granite stone, and marble stone – are some of the most popular stones and tiles you can include in your bathroom. From protecting your walls from splashes of water to easing the cleaning and maintenance procedure – using stones and tiles brings multiplied benefits.

Mirrored Finish –

There is a dedicated range of mirror glass tiles on If you are looking for something unique, you can add a mirrored finished to your bathroom wall or backsplash. You can use these tiles for mirror surround in your bathroom and turn it into the focal point of your bathroom design.

Polished Plaster –

You can also have a plastered wall, and give it a coat of waterproof polish to uplift its durability.

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