Wood is one of the highly desired flooring materials. Although wood is available in abundance, people nowadays prefer wood effect or wood look porcelain due to the increasing pollution and environmental concerns caused by deforestation. At the same time, wood is an expensive material which demands careful cleaning and upkeep.

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

Wood look porcelain tiles have managed to replace wood planks. They look exactly like wood, and are inexpensive and easy to maintain. You can use porcelain wood look tiles for creating walls and floors indoors and outdoors.

Here are some of the looks and design inspirations of wood look porcelain tiles –

Living Room with An Exotic Appeal –

You can use our Dellano Exotic Blue Polished Porcelain (8 inches X 48 inches) Wood Look Planks to create a unique, offbeat wood look in your living room.

The tile can also be a great fit for other areas of your home.

From our Dellano series – Dellano Exotic Moss Grey Polished Porcelain (8 inches X 48 inches) Wood Look Planks will help achieve brown-gray ambiance in your living room.

Vintage Kitchen –

Some people are an admirer of home interior with a vintage appeal. For them, we have Vintage Silver (8 X 36) Wood Look Porcelain Tiles. Using these tiles can create a classic design scheme in your kitchen and dining area.

Vintage Lace 8 inches x 36 inches wood look porcelain tiles can help you achieve a classic kitchen design with its old pained wood look.

Check out our entre wood look tiles collection for more!