Limestone tile is one of the many tiles made up from natural stones. Their versatile texture made them ideal to be used in decorating the interiors. Moreover, they can also be used for a contemporary look to the exterior of your home.

Types of limestone tiles:

  • Polished limestone: this limestone has added slippery because of the polish. Moreover, this variety is porous in texture. Ideal for floors and walls.  
  • Honed limestone has a graceful matte look. This is preferable because of low maintenance and soothing look. They require no polish.
  • Tumbled limestone: having round shaped edge and corner is their identity. Have the appearance of vintage. This limestone tile can be used in kitchen and rooms also in addition to outdoor locations.
  • Brushed limestone includes sober and subtle shades of tiles. This limestone is matte finished. Mostly suits outdoor décor.

This above-mentioned type of limestone tiles are again being available in various tile patterns like:

  • Regular pattern floor: for bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchen, you can go with this pattern having vibrant shades.
  • Spiral pattern floor: go for it if you desire to give your interiors a modern look.
  • Herringbone pattern floor complements best with the walls, kitchen etc. 
  • French pattern floor: best for entrance and exterior of the homes.
  • Antique pattern floor: ideal for traditional or countryside homes.

Limestone tiles are a must go for people wanting to give a contemporary look to their places. Plenty of color variation and shades of this tile to make it more desirable. offers premium quality limestone tiles at reasonable rates. Go check out our entire line of limestone tiles and make your buying decision today. You can also place your order over phone call at (844) 538-1430.