Glass has several fantastic properties and that's why it has been awarded from vintage glassware era till modern era.  All type of glasses like it would be window stained glass or polished shelf glass shows a beautiful look. An exclusively best idea to produce its sparkling brightness is with glass tile. Glass tiles in modern era not only provide a perfect look to you living area but it also seems pleasant to your eyes. These modern glass tiles have a huge level of distress chipping and cracking.

Five new stylish glass tiles will give your room a perfect and trendy look is mentioned below:-

1. Silvermist Interlocking Pattern

In this pattern multicolored gray shades in Silvermist glass tile increase the level of crystalline 3-D effect. This tile has a unique interlocking pattern and size of alternating tile associated with each other in a random style. Silvermist Interlocking Pattern tiles are best suitable for kitchens and bathroom because it can easily coordinate with various kind of cabinetry and a broad range of stylish accessories.

2. Calypso Picket Pattern

In this pattern a series of elongated hexagons placed in a simple row where each hexagon associated to their near each other. This kind of pattern gives a modern twist effect to your rooms. The color of tile is simply white, but it seems far better from plain tiles. different colors append a smoothie touch like lovely clouds in the sky. This tile is best for small commercial or residential usage.

3. Calypso Interlocking Pattern

There is anotheroption for Calypso Picket Pattern tile lovers. In this pattern horizontal rows with alternating width arrange in such way that it gives to your décor a marvelous appearance. These tiles are highly reflective than the tiles made from porcelain.

4. Arctic Ice

This pattern is generally available in rectangular tiles of 6x12x8mm. Arctic Ice glass tile has a standard plainness of white channel tile with transparent crystal depth of glass. It’s a perfect pattern to use in different kind of creative ideas to give your room a high ambiance  

5. Akoya Interlocking Pattern

It is an irregular sequence of thinner and thicker spotted white color tile which is handsome and elegant. This colored glass tile would be a central add-on in your ambiance of any room. These tiles can be used as a countertop in kitchen or flooring in rooms due to its high durability.