Luxury Vinyl Flooring is not only known for its marvelous look but also its easy maintenance and durability. So, yes, it is not that difficult to maintain and clean Luxury Vinyl Tiles. These tiles provide a beautiful long-lasting look when used. But people get worried about its maintenance after the warranty period of the tiles are over. Well, here are a few maintenance facts that will prove that it is not difficult to maintain.

No waxing required

You don’t need to use wax to retain the shine and cleanliness. You may, however, use an acrylic finish to maintain the same look. It is much easier to use in comparison to the waxing process. However, it is not so necessary but applying a layer of acrylic will give it protection and longevity.

Easy removal of scratches

Is there a scratch on the tile? No worries, only light buffing will fix the scratch. You may also use a vinyl sealer to cover up the spots. But if you just remain careful while mopping and sweeping it would be better. In case of bigger scratch or damage, you should replace the tile.

Easy to clean

Use the two-bucket method to clean the Luxury Vinyl Tiles. The two-bucket method uses one bucket of cleaner and another of water. This helps in cleaning the tiles perfectly without spreading any dirt.

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