Metal mosaic tiles are a great choice for creating walls and accents with brilliant shine and durability. Using this tile, you can make your indoors reflect your taste of design. Apart from walls and accents, you could use these charismatic designer tiles as backsplash and borders.

Want to use these tiles for kitchen remodelling? We will show you some of the captivating examples of how you can use metal mosaic tiles in your kitchen design. Check out the following –

Lorena Grigio Glass Stone Metal Mosaic

Add flow and motion to your kitchen wall with Lorena Grigio Glass Stone Metal Mosaic tile. This interlocking tile strikes a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design ideologies with its neutral grays, blacks, and whites. Low on maintenance, these tiles are versatile and can be included in other residential and commercial indoor priojects.

Crystal Cove Metallic Blend

Another glass-metal mosaic tile featuring a brilliant amalgamation of grays, blacks and whites! This Crystal Cove Metallic Blend tile is 8mm thick and comes with a meshed back – offering an outstanding durability and super easy installation. You can use this tile for your kitchen backsplash. Or simply, you could tile up your entire wall. Either way, it will look magnificent.

Oddysey 12X12 Magic Mosaic Green Blend

Sprinkle some magic to your kitchen design with this Oddysey 12X12 Magic Pattern Mosaic Green Blendtile! This beautiful stainless steel mosaic tile featuring modern design effects is an ideal choice for kitchen backsplash as depicted in the picture above. Apart from that, it can also be used for accent walls and fireplaces.

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