China black marble has a magnificent draw. It effortlessly catches everyone’s attention. The effective use of this natural stone creates an outstanding elegance in any indoor application. However, since china black is completely black and has a porous surface, cleaning is often a challenge for homeowners.

This blog underlines some of the best practices to clean black marble surface and maintain its shine and substance over time –

Don’t let dust and dirt stay on the floor.

Dust and dirt contain tiny, hard particles that leave scratches on the floor when walked up on. Scratches are easily visible on the floor and give different attractive look.  Therefore, removing dust and debris off the floor is of utmost importance.

Use vacuum cleaner or broom to remove stains from your china black marble flooring. If your floor gets too much foot traffic, repeat this exercise accordingly many times a day.

Cleaning with water.

You can clean your black marble floor every day with water. However, you should not let the water stay on the floor for long. Use a non-abrasive brush to reach and clean the tiny pores on the stone surface. Use an old cotton cloth piece to rub the rub the floor. Remove the water using a wiper.

Use a “black marble only” solution.

Any other cleanser can damage the color texture of the stone, giving your floor an unpicturesque characteristic. Read the label before using any such solution for the first time. Start with a small area on the floor to check the effects/side-effects of the solution your black marble floor.

Dry the floor completely after cleaning/washing your china black marble flooring. Use two to three dry cloth pieces dry stone tiles. Ensure proper ventilation where you are working, so the floors easily dry.

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