Wood-look tiles are a beautiful material for indoor floors and walls. They make a cost-effective plus eco-friendly replacement for natural wood tiles. The class, the noise control, and the elegance – everything matches the level of natural wood tiles.

To install wood-look tiles, you have to work with cement and grout. You cannot avoid them. Apparently, you would not be able to finish your installation job without cement and grout.

But, when you install these tiles, you often have to deal with hardened cement and grout on your tiled pattern. This blog offers tips for removing cement and grout off your wood-look porcelain tiles. Check out the following pointers –

* Porcelain is smooth, non-porous, and strong surface. You don’t have to be very careful while removing hard cement and grout off its surface. So, don’t get shocked with the list of tools you will need to carry out this job. Here is a list of items you will need to remove dried cement and grout from your wood-look tiles –

- Steel scourer/scrubber (wired kitchen dish wash pad)

- Blunt knife for scrapping

- Old toothbrush

- Safety wear and gear (such as gloves, glasses, mask, etc.)

- Detergent

Bucket filled with water

- Spray water bottle

- Cleaning sponge

* Spray or sprinkle some water on the dried cement/grout.

* Rub the cement/grout over the tile.

* Or, if it is too hard, use a strong but blunt knife to scrape it off the tile surface.

* If some cement or grout of loses its grip, it is time again to scrub the area with scourer pad.

* Keep removing the dust and scraped off cement/grout pieces with the help of a brush.

* Once the job is done, it is time to clean, wash and rinse the area.

If the splashes of cement or grout are still untreatable, you could consider using Hydrochloric Acid or Muriatic Acid. Be very careful while using acidic element. Read the product label or brochure thoroughly to avoid causing damages and injuries.

Please note that, it is the last solution any professional tile maintenance service will adopt.

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