The key purpose of grout, apart from filling the space between tiles, is to prevent water and dirt from reaching behind the tiles and damaging the underlay or substrate.

Grout Damage

When the water flows behind the tiles, there are increased chances of mold and mildew development. It causes not just a foul odor but also becomes a ground for tile damage.

You wouldn’t prefer either. But, the fact is, it is profoundly easy for grout and eventually, tiles to get damaged in typical home environment of modern times. With a one-time fix, it is next to impossible to stop water from damaging the substrate beneath your tiled floor or wall.

The only way out is, to check the condition of grout periodically and replace it whenever needed.

Regrouting Glass Tiles

If you have glass tiles or glass mosaic tiles installed at your home, this blog offers some tips to help you replace its damaged, faded, dirty grout without damaging the tile.

  • Use a knife for this. Put the tip of the knife on the grout line and pull down the knife applying gentle pressure.
  • Make sure that the knife is sharp enough to cut the hard and dried grout.
  • Go slow to avoid scratching the tile surface.
  • Cut the existing grout multiple times.
  • Use a soft brush to clean and prepare the space for re-grouting.
  • Use the grout that is recommended for glass tiles. Mix it as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Fill the space between tiles gently. Scrape out the excess grout.
  • Wipe grout off the tile surface, if there is any.
  • Wipe the tile with a wet cloth piece after 10 minutes.
  • Allow the grout to dry for 24 hours or as directed by the manufacturer.

Typically, you will need to regrout your glass tile pattern when the grout starts crumbling or losing its color. In both conditions, the grout fails to protect the substrate, which is responsible for holding your tiles tight. So, notice such signs and plan your regrouting project accordingly.

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