Cobblestone driveway adds to the appearance of your outdoor area and the feel of your home from outside. Apart from that, it makes a durable option for driveway and outdoor flooring. Cobblestone installation is a time-consuming battle. Ideally, for a DIY project, it will take a week or so to complete a cobblestone driveway installation project.

So, are you ready to install cobblestone driveway? Here are some of the useful tips to follow –

Preparing the Area

Plan the length and breadth of your driveway. Work on the design part. Do include the drainage system in your driveway planning.

Prepare an outline for the driveway you are expecting. Mark the areas and periphery on the ground. And we are ready to dig.

Dig at least 8 to 10 inches throughout the driveway area on the ground.

Leveling the Dig

Now we have to flatten of the surface to create a level driveway. For this, lay a layer of pebbles and gravels. And then, place a layer of sand over it. Keep in mind the functionality of drainage system.

Sprinkle some water on sand, and tap it well using a tamper. Allow the sand to dry out.

Placing the Cobblestones

Start with the center of the driveway. This ensures that the cobbles stay centered throughout the patterning. To create stronger and durable driveway, place the stones at tightly as you can.

Filling the Space with Sand

Spread the sand all over the driveway ensuring that it fills the spaces between stones you placed. Sprinkle water and allow the sand to and dry and settle into the spaces between cobblestones.

Repeat multiple times until the sand stops entering the space.

Wait for a week while your driveway strengthens itself for driving.

Look for the cracks and open joints between stones and fill them up with sand.

Now, your cobblestone driveway is ready.

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