Cotto look tiles imitate the look of traditional terracotta flooring. However, when you compare the characteristics of both the materials, you realize that cotto look tiles are a better alternative.

Terracotta effect porcelain tiles look exactly like terracotta floors, when installed correctly. In addition, they offer these advantages of porcelain tiles – water resistance, water proofing, stain resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance, and better and longer performance.

Ways to Use Incorporate Cotto Look Porcelain Tiles

Here are a few design inspirations you can consider for designing or redesigning your home -

Dining Area –

You can use Capella Red Brick 2 X 10 Porcelain Tiles to achieve the similar look in your kitchen/dining or kitchen cum dining area.

Backdrop in Living Area –

You can wall up your living area or any other area of your home with our Capella White Brick 2 X 10 Porcelain tiles, and create a shiny white backdrop. Place fireplace, or put your sofa or bed next to this wall, and enjoy the calm white luxury.

Kitchen Wall and Backsplash –

The aforementioned Capella White 2 X 10 Porcelain tiles can also be used in kitchen as wall and backsplash.

It will create a sense of more space in your kitchen, and fill it up with more light and shine.

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