Carrara white is a type of white marble that varies in white and light blue-grey shades. According to Wikipedia, it is the most quarried marble on the earth.

Sourced from the Italian city of Carrara, the stone has been a popular material for sculpturing and construction since the time of ancient Rome. Known for its magnificent bright white texture, carrara marble is in the list of one of the most expensive natural stones.

It is a delicate material, which requires careful and unavoidable cleaning. You will need to clean it the right way in order to maintain its whiteness and the elegance of your room. With proper and adequate cleaning only, you can maintain its spotless, flawless shine.

In this article, we unveil some of the proven techniques for easy cleaning of carrara white marble. Check out the following –

The Wet Cloth Therapy

Cleaning marble is like an operation. Though, this operation needs to be performed on an everyday basis.

Use a wet cloth and wipe your marble surface every day. You can use wiping accessories for wiping your floor. However, make sure that the tool does not have harsh, hard scrubbers or metal pieces – such mopping tools can scratch your marble surface. It is advisable to use a microfiber cloth or a mop that has a microfiber head.

Microfiber gives your carrara white marble a good scrub, and helps enhance its shine.

Depending on the dust and foot traffic on your floor, you can increase or decrease the frequency of this wet cloth therapy.

Pro Tip: Use hot/warm water to wipe your floor and heighten your

Add Commercial Marble Cleaner to Water

Here, you will need to ensure that the cleaner is specifically designed to be used for cleaning white marble flooring. Otherwise, there are chances of staining on your carrara white.

If using a cleansing product for the first time, test the suitability of the substance before using it for the entire flooring/wall. This is a smart way to protect your stone from  staining and additional maintenance cost.

Run a Dry Microfiber Mop after Wiping

It could be a bad idea to let the carrara white marble surface dry naturally. This way, the floor can trap dust and dirt on wet surface. Additionally, water might leave those unattractive dry water spots – that are already to demean the look of your beautiful indoor ambiance.

To avoid certain possibilities, it is advisable to run a clean, dry microfiber cloth on your carrara white marble flooring. You could also use microfiber cloth piece for this.

Doing so will eliminate the chances of staining, as well as add brighter shine to your stone surface.

Shining It Up

After dry and wet mopping, you can consider giving your floor a treatment of baking soda. Simply mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda in 1 quart (around 1 liter) of water. Spread this mixture on your carrara white marble surface. Leave it for a few hours.

Now, rinse and wipe the marble surface with the help of a soft cleaning sponge.

Pro Tip: Splash some of white chalk powder on your marble floor while. It will dramatically increase the whiteness of your white marble surface.

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