Today most of the professional as well as non-professional remodelers are always in search of products in order to remodel their space.

In this matter, Granite never fails to impress. They have a variety of colours to textures to patterns. There are two options available when it comes to Granite tiles and stones, Granite slabs and Granite stone tiles.

When it comes to installation, Granite stone tiles are easier to install as they are light in weight and requires low installation charges, they have low maintenance cost that makes them preferred choice for many.

Granite slabs Vs Granite stone tiles

Both of them add a lot of beauty to the home. However, these factors make them different from each other.

  • Cost: The choice is largely made on the type and amount of remodeling budget. The Granite slabs cost way too high than the Granite stone tiles depending on per square foot.
  • Quality: The quality of granite slabs is far better than the granite stone tiles as it is resistant to heat and is thus easy to clean. Granite slabs have more thickness than the tiles.
  • Maintenance: The cost of granite tile maintenance is low in comparison to granite slab.  

Therefore the above reasons make the granite tiles easier to install than the granite slabs.

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