Are you searching for something that can add warmer touch to your rooms? Well, then have you heard about the Translucent Onyx Flooring?  It is an exceptional translucent architectural stone that is so much popular in the construction industry because of the matchless color and quality. It is used for adding a decorative touch to windows, sculptures and much more.

Onyx is a semi-precious type of chalcedony which has discontinuous traditional groups of colour, most normally found in the brown, red, white, and black hues. Onyx is basically made from silicon dioxide which is creamy and translucent to crystal clear in its conformation, every so often with dissimilar sheets and shades. The wonderful colours and pellucidity of this material make it an awesomely stunning when used in a number of interior applications, and for worktops and flooring.

Usually the translucent onyx flooring is customized and can be ordered as per your requirements or your ongoing projects demand.

When it comes to density of Onyx, it comes on the softer end of the weighing scale, making it an appropriate stone for interior and perpendicular applications. Since it is being a crystal-clear stone, it makes it backlit which means the light distribution aspect in this stone will enhance its colour and overall appearance.

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