While smaller tiles are easy to pick, carry and install for individual DIYers, there are plentiful benefits of extra large format tiles that pronounce an added level of convenience at the time of installation. This blog demonstrate some of biggest benefits of using large format tiles. Check out the following pointers –

#1. Less Physical Work Required

With larger tiles, there is no need to exhaust yourself in moving tiles from one place to another multiple times. You do not need these tiles in large quantities. Just a few of them.

#2. Less Maintenance

Once you have bought and received your extra large format tiles, there is no strict requirement for upkeep and maintenance. You just need to place them in a way so they do not slip, fall and break.

After installation too, these tiles do not demand natural stone- and wood-like care and maintenance. Specifically, these tiles are porcelain and ceramic material. They do not demand any special care, cleaning and maintenance.

However, to prolong their life, you can consider apply sealant every year or so. This will prevent grout and eventually, tile damage.

#3. Highly Durable

Just like any other porcelain and ceramic tiles, extra large format tiles tool are quite strong and durable. Once installed correctly, they sustain for years and decades.

Since these are large and heavy, they are designed to have more strength and longer durability than ordinary ceramic or porcelain tiles.

#4. Water Resistance

There is a waterproof surface finish on these tiles. This coating disallows water and moisture to seep through the upper surface and become a cause of tile damage. That’s what makes these tiles a great choice for bathrooms, swimming pools, and many similar outdoor and commercial applications.

#5. Fire Resistance

Made from clay, which is already fired at extreme high temperatures, large format tiles technically catch fire. In fact, not a single variant of porcelain tile support the spreading of fire. And because of that, they make an ideal choice for fireplace surrounds and residential and commercial kitchens.

 #6. Weather Proof

If you live a location that is exposed to extreme weather conditions particularly, boiling hot summers and freezing winters, these porcelain tiles are a great material to go with. They do not crack or break in harsh weather conditions. Even in storm and heavy downpour, these tiles stand firm.

#7. Suitable for Heavy Foot Traffic

As said earlier, these tiles have been designed to be stronger than regular porcelain and ceramic tiles. So, it is safe to use them for heavy traffic areas such as corridors, entryways, etc.

#8. Ample Design Opportunities

Porcelain tiles can be designed to work in a variety of applications including bathroom, kitchen, living area, and bedroom. They can be used for flooring, wall, backsplash, and accent.

What’s more interesting is, they are available in a wide range of designs and patterns. At WallAndTile.com, they are also available in stone, wood and linen patterns. With diverse colors and patterns, you have the freedom to work out a cool, captivating design idea for your project.

#9. Cost-effective

The cost of per square installation of larger tiles is cheaper than that of regular tiles. Additionally, the price of tiles is a great advantage you have.

The cost of maintenance, too, is always in budget. You do not really spend much when you choose to install extra large format tiles.

To end with, here is another benefit. Many homeowners and interior designers admit that large format tiles create illusion and make smaller rooms appear larger.

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