A large number of people take designing their kitchen as a challenge. It indeed can be a challenge if you are looking for an easy, well-ventilated, safe, stylish kitchen design.

One simple way you can enhance your kitchen design is with wood look tiles – that simply replace the use of wooden tiles and panels, and make your kitchen a safer place to work in, while giving its design a cool uplift.

From counter top to dining table top and flooring - you can include these porcelain tiles in your kitchen many ways. Let’s take Redwood Natural 6x24 Matte Finish Wood Look Tile for example.

Redwood Natural 6x24 Matte

Currently in our clearance section, you can avail massive discount on Redwood Natural wood effect porcelain tiles. Each box contains 10 tiles, and the price for each tile is just $ 1.94. You wouldn’t get anything better for that price.

This matte finish tile offers glazed, matte and textured finishes with low sheen and delicate variations of wooden tiles. With its refined edges, the tile adds durability to your structure.

Using this tile, you can create a cosy and contemporary look in your kitchen and other areas of your home.

The Advantages –

* No worries of care and maintenance

* No need to provide treatment required by authentic wood floors and surfaces

* Get high level of dust-, fire-, and moisture-resistance

* Protection from rodents, termites, mold, and other types of insects and organisms

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