Want to add a statement to your home by adding Emperador Marble tiles in your kitchen or outdoor area? If you are thinking, then definitely it is an amazing idea to do so. This marble stone is an extraordinary for adding an aesthetic value to your home.

Some of the benefits of the Emperador stone is it is resilient type of marble with an exceptional and unusual polished finish, natural textures, different varieties, and colour opulence.

Broadly speaking, this marble stone comes in different types of textures, thus then tend to acclimate to the different types of demands in interior `design and architecture industry. Some of the most popular finishes of the Emperador Marble that you can easily find in the market are:

  1. Polished- The stone will be in the most finished form and will reflect light quite similar to the mirror.
  2. Honed- The stone will be of great charm and distinction. It will tend to reflect light but a bit lesser than what you will see in the polished form.
  3. Aged:  The stone is a given a special treatment in order to enhance its overall appearance and surface is usually irregular.
  4. Bush Hammered –The stone will have a rough and rugged sort of effect. It is mainly considered the best for exterior application.

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