Onyx is a natural stone known for its beautiful, glass-like translucent texture. Available in a variety of colors such as gold, red, green, and honey, translucent onyx stone offers countless design opportunities in building construction and interior decoration.

Quite like marble, onyx is quite a delicate stone and requires careful use, cleaning and maintenance. In this blog, we give you 3 easy tips for care and maintenance of translucent onyx stone tiles. Check out the following pointers –

1. Acids or acid-based cleansing solutions should not be used for cleaning, wiping, and stain removal. It can lead to instances like stone damage and discoloration. And when that happens, you wouldn’t be able to repair your onyx stone flooring.

2. Wipe spills immediately. Just like any other natural stone, translucent onyx stone tiles too have a porous surface. Water and fluids enter those pores freely and dry out, and become a cause of permanent staining. So, no matter if you have polished onyx stone tiles, wiping the spills immediately is highly recommended.

3. Apply sealant as and when required. To lower the chances of staining, to block those open pores, and to restore the shine of flooring, you should seal it routinely.

Apart from these, you should be careful while cleaning your onyx flooring, because that’s when most of the abuse and damages happen. Remove dust and dirt properly and wipe the floor with clean water after that.

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