Marble countertops have always been considered to be of classic designs and lots of homeowners prefer marble countertops to place at their homes. Well, there are many homeowners who love the marble look quartz countertops to have the feel like marble. Again, those who do not want to have a stain on the countertops, they can prefer quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are not only available with marble look, but also this has become quite famous due to its durable feature.

Manufactured Quartz is available with the perfect blend of minerals, natural quartz, and resin. The advantage of processing of mined quartz is to give it a marble like an appearance. Slabs made of this quartz remain durable and scratch resistant too. If you look at it very closely then also it will be hard for you to find any difference that this has been manufactured from mined minerals.  

Well, there are many homeowners who are still in favor of natural marble with the feeling of its unique lavishness. But, one should take a look at the designs of both natural marble and marble look quartz before taking the final decision.

Marbella white:

Marbella White Quartz is a uniquely designed marble look stone where you can notice delicate veining on the white background. This specially manufactures quartz is easy to maintain and is durable too. This specially designed quartz is able to complement the lighter cabinetry and also this gives a nice contrast with dark cabinetry. The benefit of using Marbella white is that homeowners need not polish this quartz. This will also maintain an elegant look within the home for a long time.

Calico White:

This product is just ideal for all types of countertops and backsplashes. This creamy calico white quartz is also largely used for indoor and outdoor flooring. For bathrooms, calico white will be a perfect choice. This marble look quartz can be maintained easily.

Statuary Classique:

Once you see this product, it will really be hard to distinguish whether this product is a manufactured one or a real marble. Striking veins on a clean white background has made this product just same as marble.

Calacatta Gold:

If you have not still taken a decision regarding whether to select marble or marble look quartz then Calacatta Gold will help you to take the right decision. Gold veins on white background have made this product to look exactly like marble.


Arabescato Carrara:

This is another type of heart-touchy marble look quartz. This product is available in a blend of whites and grays. This product is required polishing to keep it free from any stain.