Most brand stores sell and tell that ceramic and porcelain tiles are same. To some extent, that could be true.  Porcelain tiles are put into the category of ceramic tile, because they are a ceramic product.

Both are made from clay and burned at high temperature. For those who are not an industry insider, both the tiles are same.

But, if we dive deeper, we would find many differences between the two materials. The quality and finish on porcelain tiles are superior. They are more strong and durable. This informative blog talks about the evident and technical differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Check out the following subsections –

Smoother Surface Finish

The surface finish of porcelain tile is smoother than that of ceramic tile. It is a fine grain finish that has no roughness, bumps or bulges on the surface. Run your fingers on the tile surface, check for it by yourself.

See the Side

If you closely look at the sides of a ceramic tile, you can easily see its white base. Sometimes you will notice red or tan on the sides. But, if there is any other color, it is porcelain. The sides of porcelain tiles are not white; they could be any color.

Discoloration or Staining

If you have to identify the type of tile already installed, look for discoloration or stains on the tile surfaces. You could notice such conditions, it is possibly ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles do not easily lose their color and get stained. They are designed to withstand such scenarios.

There you have it. To end with, you could also differentiate between these tiles with their pricing. The costlier ones will be porcelain.

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