Glass tiles are versatile. From floors and walls to backsplash and accents – these high sheen tiles can be used for a wide range of projects. These glossy reflective tiles add whimsy flavor to your indoor ambiance.

If you are looking to buy glass tiles, you have so many options to choose from. You can buy – glass tile, glass porcelain/ceramic mosaic, glass-metal mosaic, glass stone mosaic, and glass wood mosaic. Buyers are often confused with which glass tile they should select for their project. However, the types of glass tiles are not just about these variations.

There are many types of glass tiles based on their structure and other factors. Such as –

Sintered –

Sintered tiles are made simply by mixing glass powder and dye. After that, the mixture is set to form a slab and is heated, so the two components combine and solidify.

Smalti –

Smalti glass is a delicate mixture of metal oxides and glass gum. The mixture is taken through extreme high temperature, before being cut into tiles of required shapes and sizes.

Fused –

Fused tiles prepared by taking plain glass and infusing color and other characteristics to it. Once color has been added, the tile is cut into desired size and shape. The coating on these tiles is applied after firing.

Cast glass tiles are made from casting. The glass mixture is put into casts or molds, before being taken through heat.

In following blogs, we will be covering the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of glass tiles.

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