Natural stones are completely natural flooring and walling material. Everything on natural stones – including their color, shade, and patterns (veining, swirling, and graining) – is created by nature and is unique and spontaneous. No two natural stone tiles look same.

That’s the beauty of natural stones!

It goes without saying that stones are available in a wide range of options such as marble, travertine, slate, granite, quartzite, and limestone. Moreover that, these stones are also present in different shapes, sizes, and surface finishes – to be suitable for your specific project or requirement.

Natural Finish –

As mentioned above, natural stones are natural. So, natural finish is when there is no additional treatment given to the stone surface. The stone you have is just cut into desired tile shapes and sizes. There is no coating or sign of processing on the stone surface.

Sawn finish and riven finish are the two most common natural finishes. The stone tile with sawn finish is cut using a gang saw and block cutter saw. The stone with riven finish has its layer split showing its grains and natural clefts.

Mechanical Finish –


The name may hint that this type of surface finish is applied with the help of some machine tools. Technically, applying mechanical finish involves different processes and machines and handheld tools to enhance the look of the stone.

Polished, honed, and satin are examples of mechanical finish. Polished stone has a polish applied on its surface. Honed stone tile has been honed down to have a smooth and low sheen appearance.

Apart from these, natural stones are also available in chemical and impact finishes.

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