People invest thousands to buy tiles for their home.  However, doing just that isn’t going to create the magic on your floors and walls. You will also need to make sure that the tiles you have purchased are correctly installed. This is the best way you get the most of your investment.

But how do I ensure that?

You will need to find and get the job done by a certified, trained and experienced tile installer or tile placer. First, the tiles that are wrongly installed look unattractive. Moreover, wrong installation causes damages to the tile and the people living around.

A badly installed tile pattern is worse than buying cheap quality tile. This blog underlines the most common errors tile placers make during tile installation project –

Unaligned Tiles:

When you walk into the room, you see that the tiles have not been placed in straight line. Not only does this look unsightly but also it is like you are wasting your money.

Excessive Lippage:

Tiles, laid without giving any attention to the level or balance, display excessive lippage. By definition, lippage is the variation in the height of adjoining tiles. An experienced tile placer would never place tiles this way.

Unsightly Joints:

Sometimes, the tiles are placed in line and there is no room for lippage, but you get to see ugly joints. Joints are where two tiles are joined. At a number of times, the color of sealant differs from that of tile drawing an out of the place look.

Broken Tiles:

Sometimes while cutting the tile as per the need, tiles get broken. You often have to cut the tiles to fit perfectly on turns, edges and corners. It is the dexterity of the tile place that gives you a neat cut.

Excessive Use of Sealant:

Many novice tile placers use excessive grout joint to fill the gaps between tiles. This is specifically seen near the end of the tile laying pattern.

Inappropriate Use of Mortar:

Improper mortar usage can actually affect the overall and long-term quality of tile installation. It may result in cracks on the tile.

In shower and bathroom areas, these errors can create a real mess with the quality of construction. It will add to your remodeling and repair costs overtime.

Now that you know some of the biggest installation and most common tile installation mistakes, let’s learn some the best practices to avoid these installation issues –

  • Find an experienced tile installer
  • Buy tiles from a trusted tile shop
  • Get good-quality products for tile installation

Think we missed something important? Drop a comment and we will add it in the blog!