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Choosing Wall & Tile Installer

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Request all contractors that you meet with to provide a detailed written estimate, and discuss any and all potential project overruns. During the quoting stage, ask lots of questions including design advice, any technical questions you may have, and timelines. Remember, the best contractors may have a backlog; if time is your most important criteria for selection, be sure to mention this to the contractors. However, if the contractor you want to work on your home is tied up with other projects, it may be worth your while to wait until they have time on their schedule.

One Stop For Tiles And Mosaics Shopping

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Why ?

  • We believe in anticipating and solving our customers’ problems before they occur, and we do everything possible to achieve this positive outcome.
  • Because of our Professional Reputation
  • We  and our associates are recognized worldwide as one of the most highly regarded and professional companies in natural stone.
  • Because we have premium  quality at factory-direct prices..
  • Because we ship just-in-time at your door-step. The fastest shipping time.
  • Because we understand natural stone variation and can ship yousamples from the same pallet for you to decide.

Budget Crunch? Ways To Finance Your Remodeling Project

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As you get ready for any remodeling project in your house you already have a budget planed out. Should the need arise to go above and beyond or should the project require additional unexpected funds you should have plan B, financing options, ready. Financing options should include your intended repayment plan and if you would hire a contractor or do it yourself. There are some great financing options which many of us are not aware. Any remodel increases the house value. Some increases more than you have put some gives you back cents to your dollar invested.
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