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Many Looks of Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Wood look porcelain tiles have managed to replace wood planks. They look exactly like wood, and are inexpensive and easy to maintain. 

3 Ways You Can Use Meshed Pebbles In Your Home

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Meshed pebbles or pebble tiles help you create a unique and durable indoor ambiance. These are tiles with pebbles affixed firmly on a square (12 inches X 12 inches) mesh. It is because of this mesh that you can have pebbles for your flooring and walls.

3 Vintage Look Porcelain Tiles for Your Indoors

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Traditional style homes remind us of old gold time. They take us to a trip down the memory lane. You are planning a home makeover, and considering vintage design, you must try our vintage look porcelain tiles.

3 Most Popular Colors of Granite That You Can Choose for Home Makeover

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Gearing up for a home makeover? Or are you constructing your new home? If so, this is time to consider granite – the one of most popular natural stones – for indoors and outdoors. Granite is widely appreciated for its firmness, durability, and naturally occurring granular patterns.

4 Differences between Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Laminate and vinyl both are highly popular floor materials. Both are known for their versatility and superior looks, to be specific, their real like wood look. 

5 Reasons To Use Legend Moka Matte Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Legend Moka Matte Tiles are a part of’s wide and exclusive extra-large size tiles. These tiles are designed to offer extra large benefits in your space.

5 Awesome Pietra Porcelain Looks

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Pietra Porcelain is a premium tile from’s wide and exclusive porcelain tile collection. The tiles in the Pietra series are inspired by the natural stones sourced from around the world. The looks that these tiles offer are exceptionally realistic.

3 Affordable Ways to Give Your Kitchen A New Look

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Not to hyperbolize, but kitchen is the soul of your house. And you would partially or totally agree with that. That said, it perfectly makes sense that you consider refreshing and reenergizing the soul of your home.

3 Ways To Include Palisandro Marble In Your Home

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Palisandro is a variety of marble stone, which is from Italy. Quarried and mostly processed in Italy, this natural stone features gray and brown veining on a uniform and neutral beige background.

Trendy White Tiles That Create An Illusion Of Larger Space

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

You can use’s trendy white tiles to deck up your walls and floors, and ceiling too, to make your space feel bigger.

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