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Can I Install Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Bathroom?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Whether it is a modular bathroom or a half bath, luxury vinyl tiles can be installed with an aim to enhance the look and meet your durability expectation. Adding to that, many industry leaders proclaim, these tiles can deliver an enormous master retreat in many indoor projects.

Porcelain Tiles - The Original Waterproof Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Porcelain tiles are widely adopted for their waterproof and water resistant characteristics. They are known for blocking moisture and zeroing the side-effects of water on your walls and floors.

Waterjet Mosaic Tiles Offer a Chic Modern Design Feature

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Want to add a chic, modern appeal to your indoor ambiance? And need a unique design feature as well? Try’s waterjet mosaic tiles – the perfectly crafted mosaic tiles featuring intricate yet graceful designs. 

3 Basketweave Pattern Tile Design Ideas

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

These tiles render an ongoing popping or series on your walls and floors. If you are looking to give your interior design an interesting gaze, basketweave pattern tiles could be a choice to go with.

Subway Glass Mosaic Tiles for Your Kitchen

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

If you too are planning a kitchen makeover soon, this blog lists some of the most popular subway glass tiles that will add a sparkling shine to your kitchen design.

Removing Stains on Marble with Paper Towel

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Marble catches stains no matter how hard you try. It is something you cannot actually avoid. But, does that mean you should compromise on living with stains? No, you shouldn't.

How To Clean Carrara White Marble Stone Flooring

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

It is a delicate material, which requires careful and unavoidable cleaning. You will need to clean it the right way in order to maintain its whiteness and the elegance of your room. With proper and adequate cleaning only, you can maintain its spotless, flawless shine.

To install wood-look tiles, you have to work with cement and grout. You cannot avoid them. Apparently, you would not be able to finish your installation job without cement and grout.

How to Restore the Shine of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Despite being beautiful, cost-effective, and durable and super easy to install, luxury vinyl flooring tends to lose its shine, turn dull, and start looking unattractive. But good news is, you can restore its new-like shine.

Tricks to Remove Calcium Deposits from Bathroom Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

The water we use in bathroom is generally hard water. This is that type of water which contains a huge load of minerals – for example calcium, salt, etc. – that easily start gathering on your floors, walls, tubs, and even faucets.

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