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How To Re-grout Glass Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

It is profoundly easy for grout and eventually, tiles to get damaged in typical home environment of modern times. With a one-time fix, it is next to impossible to stop water from damaging the substrate beneath your tiled floor or wall.

Methods to Restore the Shine of Multiclassic Slate Tile

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Of all, multiclassic slate is one of the most popular options available. If your slate floor has several faded or stained areas, you could consider redoing the polishing. However, you need to be informed that applying a polish is a temporary solution to your problem.

Are Cotto Look Ceramic Tiles A Good Choice for Outdoor Flooring?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Just like any other ceramic tile, cotto look tiles are made from clay molded in desired size and shape, fired at extreme high temperatures to achieve hardness and durability. So, technically, they can be used for outdoor applications. 

Ways To Shine Up Metal Mosaic Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Two big problems with metal mosaic tiles are: they corrode and they tend to lose their shine. With care and maintenance best practices, you can restore their shine. This blog enunciates some of tips and tricks to shine up your metal mosaic tiles –

How to Clean Muddy Arabescato Marble Stone

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

White in texture and porous in nature, it is very easy for this stone to change its color and shade over time. If you have noticed that the color of your arabescato carrara marble stone has turned muddy, this blog will help clean and whiten it up again:

Granite Slab Vs Granite Stone Tiles - Which Is Easier To Install?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

When it comes to installation, Granite stone tiles are easier to install as they are light in weight and requires low installation charges, they have low maintenance cost that makes them preferred choice for many.

Is It is Difficult to Maintain Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is not only known for its marvelous look but also its easy maintenance and durability. So, yes, it is not that difficult to maintain and clean Luxury Vinyl Tiles. These tiles provide a beautiful long-lasting look when used. 

Are Mirror Glass Tiles a Good Choice for Small Rooms?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

In the recent years, glass tiles are becoming trendier choice of option for backsplashes. These tiles are being implemented in either kitchens or bathrooms. These tiles would be able to inject personality and style into the small room.

Can Porcelain Tile Help Prevent Mold and Mildew?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Mold and mildew would appear almost in every place that has been exposed to the water. Although porcelain tiles have a low water absorbing rate that doesn’t mean it would be unaffected by the growth of mold.

3 Tips for Stainless Steel Tile Maintenance

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Due to the water-resistant property of the stainless steel, tiles made out of stainless steels are generally applicable in kitchen and washrooms. But there would be cases where you would find spots of backsplashes. Though won’t damage the tile, they would look very ugly.

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