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3 Tips to Buy Arabescato Carrara Marble Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Arabescato carrara is a type of marble having soft white texture with dusty gray swirls on the stone surface. The stone is used to create elegant, classy marble countertops, floors, walls, shower surrounds, bathroom floors, and even accent walls.

Use Metal Mosaic Tiles To Beautify and Fortify Home Interior

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Metal mosaic tiles are an artistic blend of metal and other materials such as stone, glass, and wood – offering outstanding interior design opportunities. These tiles make a perfect choice for walls, backsplashes, accents, etc. 

5 Tips For Easy Maintenance of Concrete-Look Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Concrete or cement look tiles are different from cement tiles. Cement tiles are made from cement using molds of diverse shapes. They pronounce a great convenience in comparison to laying concrete floor.

5 Advantages of Having Golden White Slate Flooring

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Golden white slate is a color variant of natural stone, slate, that has a golden white texture. However, there is no other major difference in the quality of the stone. Characteristically, slate stone has slate gray, dark gray and similar color shades. 

3 Best Features of Arabestcato Carrara Marble

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Arabescato Carrara is quite a popular stone for floor and wall surfaces. Known for rendering timeless exquisiteness in indoor applications, arabescato carrara offers a brilliant shine and elegance to your home. This blog enunciates some of the biggest features of this stone –

Basic Rules of Floor Tile Installation

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Tiles –whether installed on floors or walls – offer a beautiful, magnificent outlook. If you too are considering tiles for the flooring of your property and planning a DIY installation, check out the basic principles of floor tile installation explained in this post –

How-To Guide on Re-grouting Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Grout lines tend to catch stains and get damaged over time. A solution for this situation is to re-grout the tiles. It is a simple and cost-effective way to prolong the durability of tiles in your home. This blog explains step-by-step guide to apply fresh grouts over an existing tile pattern –

Why It Is Important To Neutralize After Cleaning Natural Stone Tiles?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Natural stones have always been a popular choice for flooring material. So if you have natural stones installed on your floors and walls, how do you ensure cleaning and maintenance for them? Do you neutralize the stone surface after cleaning?

3 Tips for Maintenance of Slate Stone Tiles In Bathroom

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

You can use commercial floor cleaners available in the market, but then, some of them might not be safe for cleaning slate tiles in your bathroom. This blog offers some of the best practices for the maintenance of slate bathroom.

Are Slate Tiles Damage Resistant?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Slate floor tiles are naturally damage resistant. However, you or the tile placer will need to make sure that the tiles are laid properly on a strong and solid substrate or sub-floor to get that benefit.

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