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Points to Consider Before Installing Floor

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

When you invest in a huge amount to give your home beautiful flooring, you would want to make sure that no mistakes are done at the time of floor installation. This blog underline 5 important points to know before you head forth to DIY install floor tiles –

Why Subway Tiles Are Called So?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Classic brick-size (6” x 3”) tiles are widely known as subway tiles. However, today we have long, rectangular tiles – with the name of subway tiles – having brilliant, bright colors, patterns, textures, and finishing. But why on earth are these tiles called subway tiles?

Can Floor Tiles Be Used As Wall Tiles?

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tiles

Yes, they can be. But there are several technicalities that should be taken into consideration while using floor tiles on walls. If you tell your tile supplier that you are looking for wall tiles or if you search for wall tiles on your favorite online tile shop, you would see tiles that are made specifically for wall application.

Peroxide is a chemical solution that is used for removing ink stains from marble surface. Some people might be allergic to it. It can also be harmful if you would overuse it for cleaning marble floor. If you are using peroxide to clean your marble stone, this blog will offer you some of the best practices.

Reasons Why Honed Natural Stone Tiles Stand Out From The Rest!

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

When looking for perfect floorings then there are certain things that we all really want to do. And one of the most important of all these things is to make sure that we have the most unique floorings of all. This is definitely one of the most motivating factors for you to select the best Honed Natural Stone Tile

Limestone Tile: The Perfect Choice For A Contemporary Look

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Limestone tile is one of the many tiles made up from natural stones. Their versatile texture made them ideal to be used in decorating the interiors. Moreover, they can also be used for a contemporary look to the exterior of your home.

Best Features Of Quartzite Stone Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

People generally get confused with this type of tiles. They are of the opinion that quartzite and quartz are same. However, they both are different from each other - way different. Then why are people confused? Because quartzite and quartz both are naturally occurring stones that make it look-like granite stone

Features To Judge If You Are Selecting Outdoor Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

Outdoor area is equally important for the people. What they must work on is the tiles or the floorings. The natural path is good and all but still, the floorings must be worked on. It is one important reason why the Outdoor Tiles must be perfectly selected.

Selecting Bathroom Tiles Can Be Easy With These Tips!

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tiles

A house cannot be complete without a beautiful bathroom, isn’t it? And can a bathroom look complete without beautiful tiles added to its floors? Absolutely not! It is one of the most important reasons why working on the bathroom tiles with an extra effort can be considered a necessity.

Wood Look Tiles: Give Your Home A New Look

Posted on in Blog by Wall & Tile

For the flooring purpose, wood look tiles are a must go if you want to have a trendy versatile floor in your house. The features like durability, low maintenance along with pleasing impact on eye makes it one of the prominent titles in the tile industry.

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