Technically, metal tiles and metal mosaic tiles are made for indoor walls. So, yes, you can use them for walls inside your home.

These tiles are largely considered for creating vertical design features, accent walls, and backsplashes. But you can use them for any wall of your home.

Already considered? Here are a few tips for easy installation of metal mosaic tiles –

* Don't begin without necessary tools such as notched trowel, grout float, mortar or adhesive, clean sponge, clean cloth piece or towel, and tile cutter. Also, do not get started without making sure that you have enough tile, mortar, or adhesive to finish your project.

* Prepare the thin set mortar or tile adhesive (whichever you are using as per your project type) following the instructions from the manufacturer.

* Apply the mortar on the surface with the help of notched side of the trowel. Ensure that the depth of the mortar is uniform throughout the application.

* Apply the metal mosaic tile as per your design/layout idea.

* Complete the installation applying more mortar and tiles on the surface to be tiled.

* Check if the tiles and joints are in straight line. If not, fix them.

* Allow the tiles and mortar to set for 24 hours, before removing excess mortar from tiles and joints. Use a damp cloth for that.

* Grout the lines and joints. Remove excess grout from tiles after 30 minutes.

* Let it set for another 24 hours, before removing grout haze from your metal mosaic tiles.

Now you are ready to use your metal mosaic tile wall.

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