Calacatta Gold is a type of white marble that features brilliant grey veining, in addition to irregular splashes and highlights of taupe and gold. The appearance of the stone is so classy and elegant that it can be used for almost any space in your home.

In this blog, we show 3 ways you can include calacatta gold marble in your home interior –

Create a Cozy Kitchen Environment - 

With Calacatta Gold 1X2 Polished Mosaic Tile on your backsplash and wall, and floor tile of similar toning, you can heighten the comfy and cozy feel in your kitchen and dining space combined. Use furniture and other treatments of same or similar texture to add to the look and appeal of your space.

You can try this idea in other spaces of your home as well.

Surround Your Shower or Create Interest –

You can follow this design idea to create interest on an existing tiled pattern. You could also use Calacatta Gold 1x1 Honed Mosaic Tile on a high contrast background. Enhance the splash of warmth by using warm, colored lights in your bathroom.

Some Whites and Grays on Your Kitchen Backsplash -

In an all white kitchen setting, this calacatta gold marble stone blends perfectly well. You can create backsplash next to the cooktop, or even build an entire wall of this – our Calacatta Gold 5/8 Polished Mosaic Stone will always do the magic work.

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