Slate is a natural rock, formed due to the effect of the pressure and temperature of the earth’s crust on ocean/riverbed sediments and mineral deposits. And not to be surprised, these rocks are formed over millions of years.

Technically, slate is made of clay and other mineral deposits that have turned rock-hard. Sometimes, in the composition of slate, you could find traces of quartzite, calcite, hematite, iron, and various other minerals.

These minerals are responsible for the color as well as the hardness and thickness of stone tiles.

Damage Resistance

Since slate tile is processed from nature rock, it is pretty obvious that it has some qualities of the rock. Slate floor tiles are naturally damage resistant. However, you or the tile placer will need to ensure that the tiles are laid properly on a strong and solid substrate or sub-floor.

If the sub-floor isn’t even or is flexible, your slate tile can crack just like ceramic and porcelain tiles do. So it is paramount that you create a strong, even substrate before placing slate tiles. Additionally, you will need to use the right materials for affixing your tiles on your floor.

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