Widely used for flooring, cotto-look ceramic tiles imitate the look and feel of traditional cotto or terracotta floor.

Cotto-look ceramic tiles have all the properties that any ceramic tile represents. So, technically, they can be used for outdoor applications. However, they are more an indoor material due to their look, feel and texture.

But that doesn’t mean, you cannot use them for outdoors. In the following, we talk about some of the best features of cotto-look ceramic tiles –

Hard and Durable –

Just like any other ceramic tile, cotto look tiles are made from clay molded in desired size and shape, fired at extreme high temperatures to achieve hardness and durability.

Post that, the tile gets its texture and an added protective layer which adds to its strength and longevity.

Stain Resistant –

The protective coating on the tile keeps your floor and wall surface away from stains. Even if there are spills and dried stains, they will come off easily without any hassle. You can remove spills and stains just by wiping the surface.

Safe for Environment –

No plastic, chemicals and other materials that impose a risk on your health and environment are used in the production of cotto look ceramic tiles. You can use these ceramic tiles in your kitchen, bathroom and just any indoor or outdoor application.

In addition to these, cotto look tiles are weather proof. Meaning, they can sustain in harsh and extreme weather conditions. However, you will need to ensure proper installation.

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